Best Data Booster Plans of Jio, Airtel and Vi

 When we are using the internet and suddenly the internet ends, we have to face many problems. But now you do not need to worry because today we are going to tell you about the best data booster plans of Jio, Airtel and Vi which will be very useful for you when the internet is out.

 When you are watching online web series, live cricket matches or Instagram reels, then most of the internet gets destroyed, which causes a lot of problems to us, but now we are going to tell you about some such data booster plans which will help you when the internet is exhausted. There is going to be a lot of work.

Jio booster plans

 Jio has four booster plans, all these plans are given below.

 Jio’s Rs 15 plan in which you get 1GB of data.

 Jio’s Rs 25 plan in which you will get 2GB of data.

 Jio’s Rs 61 plan in which you get 12GB of data.

 12GB data is also available in Jio’s Rs 121 plan and the validity of this plan is more than the booster plan of Rs 61.

Airtel booster plans

 In Airtel’s Rs 58 data booster plan, you get 3GB of data.

 Airtel’s Rs 98 booster plan also offers a 5GB data plan and a subscription to Wynk Music Premium.

 Airtel’s Rs 118 booster plan offers 12 GB of data and a free Hello Tunes subscription. Apart from this, there is a booster plan of Rs 148 and Rs 301, in which 15GB data and 50GB data are available respectively.

Vi’s Data Booster Plans

 Rs 19, Rs 48, Rs 58, Rs 98, Rs 118, Rs 298 and Rs 418 plans are available in Vi. In which 1GB, 3GB, 9GB, 12GB, 50Gb and 100GB data is available in order. The validity of all these plans is one month and two months.

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