Yamaha launches two new electric scooters | 80 KM Range

 Due to the rising petrol price, today someone is preferring to take an electric vehicle, car, and scooter, only then Yamaha company has launched its two new electric scooters in the market.

 Yamaha has launched Yamaha Neo and Yamaha E01 electric scooters. Let us know about the specification and features of both these scooters.

Specifications of Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter

  •  11kW electric motor in Yamaha E01
  •  80 km range on a single charge
  •  Maxi Style Scooter With Sporty Design
  •  A prominent front fascia, dual headlights, a compact windscreen, and single-piece seats
  •  Digital instrument console, Bluetooth connectivity, and keyless start feature
  •  This scooter has three ride modes named Eco, Normal, and Power.

Specifications of Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter

  •  50.4V, 19.2Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  •  and powertrain equivalent to a 50cc scooter
  •  68KM range on a single charge
  •  8 hours to charge

  Yamaha Neo is priced at EUR 3,005 in the Europe market. These electric scooters have not been launched in India at the moment.

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