How to download E-aadhaar card know the complete process

If you are an Indian citizen then you must have Aadhar card. It is necessary for all citizens in India to have an Aadhar card because this Aadhar card identifies them.

If you want to get a bank account, PAN card or to take advantage of any scheme, then it is mandatory to have Aadhar card. Aadhar card gives you the identity of being an Indian and it is an ID proof of yours which is going to be useful for you everywhere.

In today’s time, Aadhar card is mandatory in all work, so it is necessary for you to have Aadhar card with you. But you have to keep Aadhar card with you. Due to which the Aadhar card of some people falls and has to face great difficulties. But today we are going to get rid of you from keeping Aadhar card with you.

Today we will know how to download digital copy of Aadhar card i.e. E-aadhaar card.

What is E-aadhaar?

Every citizen of India has a digital copy of Aadhar card, which is called e-Aadhaar card. E-Aadhaar card is similar to physical Aadhar card but it is in digital form. You can view it on your mobile and take a print out of it. E-Aadhaar card is a digital Aadhar card due to which it is called E-Aadhaar card.

Let us know how to download E-aadhaar card.

How to download E-aadhaar card

Follow the steps given below to download E-aadhaar card.

First of all, you have to write the name of the website given below on Google. As soon as you put the link given below on Google, only then the home page of the official website of E-aadhaar will open in front of you.

Now you will get to see many options in it, in which you will have to go to the download base option.

When you click on this option, then only the option of entering 12 digit Aadhar card and captcha will open in front of you. When you enter your aadhar card number and captcha only then link in your aadhar card will be auto sent to mobile number.

Now you have to enter OTP. When you will enter the otp then only you will have to fill your necessary information. After that your E-aadhaar card will be downloaded.

This Aadhar card must have been downloaded in pdf and will have a password attached to it. In the password, you have to enter the first four letters of your name and the year of birth. When you enter the password, then only a digital copy of your Aadhar card will open in front of you, which you can use as your physical Aadhar card.

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